Tony Caliandro 

I have been a DJ for over 30 years and when Covid 19 struck I started to complete some projects around the house. I needed a practical storage solution for my DJ equipment in our conservatory, something which allowed me access to my equipment to have a mix during lockdown, but also something that was not too big and bulky and worked with the furniture already in the space.
Having searched the internet for a booth of this kind I could not find anything I liked or for what I thought was a reasonable price. Never afraid to try something new I put together a booth from some wood I had left over from another project and assembled it in the conservatory with my equipment within. I took some photos and, as you do, uploaded these onto some of the DJ groups I was a part of on social media and before I knew it the queries were coming in requesting orders and prices and so the COSMOPOD was born!
These units are bespoke and designed both for a unique mobile look and/or an attractive piece of furniture for the home environment, easy to assemble and tailor made for your specific equipment requirements. I have every intention of using mine on the road when we are allowed out and about again.

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